Buying a Home

Here is what the buying process is like with me as your realtor.

Discussing Your Wants and Needs

First, I work to understand the designated criteria for your perfect home. We’ll discuss a variety of topics before the home search. For instance, I’ll ask for your desired timeline, price range, and location. In addition, I’ll ask if you’ll be ready to move when we find the exact home you want.

Financial considerations to discuss include prequal, type used, earnest money, existing home sale, and more. Further, I’ll ask for the most important features and must-haves you’re looking for in a home. My goal is to understand exactly what you want so we can find your dream home.

Searching For Your Ideal Home

As your realtor, I set up automated searches to be notified when a home with your criteria is available on the market. My top priority is to find the home you want and love for years to come. In addition, I utilize a variety of marketing services for the best chances of finding you a forever home.

For example, I use Multiple Listing Service Searches. Furthermore, I set up custom search criteria matching your needs. Then, I am notified the moment a new home comes on the market matching what you’re looking for.

Additionally, I utilize inter-agencies and other agency requests. At Berkshire Hathaway, there are more than 200 agents in the Wichita area. By using our internal communication system, I have the ability to let others know what you’re looking for. Therefore, if an agent has a listing that meets your standards, there is an option to see and buy before it becomes public.

Lastly, I use social media to your advantage. I create ads on Facebook and other social platforms to search for your ideal home. In some cases, I’ve had people who were ready to list their home contact me before listing it publicly on the market.

Making an Offer

Once we’ve found your dream home, the next step is to make an offer. A list of things to consider includes:

  • Is the home appropriately priced? I put a lot of effort into looking at comparable sales and what the house is worth in the current market.
  • What should stay with the home and what should go?
  • Are contingencies needed? For example, an existing home sale.
  • Inspections – what should be done and what is required?
  • Request the seller’s paid closing costs and improvements.
  • Earnest money – how much is appropriate?
  • Timeframe – closing and buyer possession.
Offer Acceptance, Closing, and Beyond

Although the contract is agreed upon, there’s still work to be done. First, I tell my clients to be prepared for anything with inspections. For instance, termites, mold, structural or roof issues, HVAC, and more. Or, in the best-case scenario, there may be no issues at all. However, I like to prepare my clients to know their rights if anything is found.

We will also discuss financing, applying for a loan, and necessary documentation. Additionally, title work completion is important for a timely closing window. The most exciting part of the whole process is your acceptance of the property and closing. Lastly, I follow up with each client to ensure complete satisfaction, while asking what I can do better for next time.

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